Technical objectives

The table below summarizes main technical objectives and linked Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to main technology blocks of Safe4Rail-3

Objectives KPIs
Advanced safety architecture and DbD devices in order to pass from prototypes to TRL 6/7 solutions
  1. Drive-by-Data devices (ETBN, CS, ED) from two different manufacturers
  2. Interoperability among implementations from different manufacturers
  3. Validation of the DbD concept
Advanced wireless technologies for a wireless TCMS
  1. TRL 6/7 devices and antennas for WLTB and WLCN.
  2. Validation of antenna installations based on the results of the study
Integration of TCMS subsystems (AP) on Functional Distribution Framework
  1. Methodology to develop SIL-4 functions for the FDF
  2. Application Profile integration on the FDF running on SIL-4 hardware.
Assessment of the safety and cybersecurity of DbD, FDF and Wireless TCMS
  1. Analyses reports for DbD, FDF and Wireless TCMS safety and cybersecurity and final compliance reports by the certification authority.
Development of a centralization tool for the DbD
  1. Configuration tools for the DbD
Contribution to benchmarking of proposed NG-TCMS as well as standardization in railway and wireless domains
  1. As a result of the Safe4RAIL-3 activities, the proposed extensions to the existing railway wired & wireless standards will be refined, promoted, and drafted into the standardization committees. The circulation of documents for voting to the national committees will follow the specific standardization committee processes.
  1. Active participation of consortium members in the identified standardization committees.
Testing and validation of Safe4RAIL-3 devices and tools into CFM project’s demonstrator
  1. Interoperability among implementations from Safe4RAIL-3 and CFM project Drive-by-Data devices.
  1. Wireless devices and antennas for WLTB and WLCN successfully integrated in the CFM demonstrators.