9 November 2023

CONNECTA/Safe4Rail-3 public Final Conference was held on Tuesday 7th November 2023, in San Sebastian. The event gathered 75 participants, including both projects consortium members, EU-RAIL representatives and main stakeholders participants from the rail sector: Railway Operators, Suppliers and representatives of the Academia.
Jose Bertolín (Safe4Rail-3 Project Coordinator) and Matyas Obreczan (EU-Rail Project Officer) welcomed all the participants to the event to continue later with the three technical sessions which included presentations and demonstrators of main results and achievements of the different technologies. 
The first session of the event was dedicated to highlight the innovations of the TD1.2 activity related to the Train Control and Monitoring System (TCMS) and present the principal concepts and solution of the Drive-by-Data and Wireless TCMS activities to understand the demonstrator related to the NG-TCMS wireless which had been shown afterwards.
The second session included the presentation of the technologies and performed tests in relevant and real train environment for the two planned demonstrator Urban and Regional. This session finalized with the demonstration of the “Synchronization of distributed embedded systems over safety-certified hypervisor”
Last but not least, third session was focused on the presentation of the integration of the NG-TCMS with other on-board systems with its corresponding demonstration of the virtual cabin and tests box to finalize with the standardization process and status.
The conference call finished with IP1 Coordinator Javier Goikoetxea’s speech related to the Innovation highlights and way forward referring to the continuation of the activity in new EU-RAIL programme. 
The presentation is available HERE