8th EURECOM-BWM-TUM Summer School “Frontier in Machine Intelligence (poster)

8 July 2022

Jin Yan (EURECOM) presented at 8th EURECOM-BWM-TUM Summer School  “Frontier in Machine Intelligence ( ) the poster "On the Feasibility of URLLC for 5G-NR V2X Sidelink Communication at 5.9 GHz". A first concept to enable a 5G URLL slice on V2V Sidelink. 
She proposed an admission control and a deterministic scheduler for vehicular UEs to join the URLL slice guaranteeing 10-5 prob. of failure (i.e. reliability) with a delay either of <1ms with prob 90% to be larger or <30ms with prob. 10-2 to be larger (latency). According to the expected PKIs, between 5-8 VUE can be accepted to the URLL slice.
The BMW Summer School format comprises keynote presentations from executive-level speakers, ideation workshops, technical expert presentations from industry and academia, moderated panel discussions and PhD poster presentations. During moderated PhD challenge group discussions and idea creation workshops, innovative visions and applications, conceptual, sociological and business changes shall be discussed that are to be expected with the rise of fully-connected vehicles in the Internet of Things. Awards for the best PhD posters and outstanding proposals from idea creation workshops or challenge group discussions will be presented during the closing ceremony.