26 July 2023

Safe4Rail Drive by Data

The SAFE4RAIL-3 and CONNECTA-3 projects are driving the development of the next generation network for Train Control and Monitoring Systems (TCMS). This network will enable all ...

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24 May 2023

Safe4Rail-3 – Wireless Consist Network devices and antennas development

This article aims at summarizing the results and achievements of the Wireless Consist Network (WLCN) devices and antennas development activities performed in Safe4Rail-3 T2.4. It ...

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28 March 2023

EUCAP2023 Presentation

On March 28th Aitor Arriola from IKERLAN presented the paper “Parametric Study of Radio Propagation in Railways Based on Ray-Tracing Simulations” at the European Conference on ...

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22 February 2023


In Safe4RAIL-3 WP2 a series of ray-tracing simulations have been performed to obtain recommendations for choosing and installing antennas in trains. In order to perform these ...

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4 December 2022

Presentation On the feasibility of URLLC for 5G-NR V2X sidelink communication at 5.9 GHz paper at IEEE Global Communications Conference (December 2022)

5G New Radio (NR)  ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC) services are critical for extended Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) applications, such as Virtual Coupling or ...

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14 November 2022

Presentation at Transport Research Arena TRA

During TRA Mohammed Abuteir Technical Leader of Safe4Rail-3 made a short presentation of the achieved results and main accomplishments of project up to the Mid-Term together with ...

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25 October 2022

Advisory Board and Mid-Term Conference

CONNECTA/Safe4Rail-3 public Mid-Term Conference was held on Tuesday 25th October 2022, in Brussels. The event gathered 50 participants, including CONNECTA-3 and Safe4Rail-3 ...

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22 September 2022

Partners participation at INNOTRANS

INNOTRANS the biggest rail international fair took place from 20 to 22 September 2022 in Berlin. Some partners of the project (MOXA, WESTERMO and COMSA) presented the progress of ...

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15 July 2022


On June 22, 2022, the Safe4RAIL-3 Consortium, together with members of CONNECTA-3, met for the second Safety and Cybersecurity Workshop in Brussels, Belgium, at the UNIFE ...

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8 July 2022

8th EURECOM-BWM-TUM Summer School “Frontier in Machine Intelligence (poster)

Jin Yan (EURECOM) presented at 8th EURECOM-BWM-TUM Summer School  “Frontier in Machine Intelligence ( ) the poster "On the ...

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20 April 2022

Taiwan Smart Rail Communication Government Industry Institute Forum March 9th, 2022

The Taiwan Smart Rail Communication Government-Industry-Institute Forum took place on March 9th, 2022. Over 200 participants representing Taiwan’s railway ...

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5 April 2022

Wireless Train Backbone (WLTB) Communications: simulation of antenna propagation between two vehicles

One of the objectives of Safe4RAIL-3 Work Package 2 is to simulate the wireless propagation between two vehicles of a train, in order to replace the currently-wired train data ...

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31 March 2022

Presentation EuCap 2022

The European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP) has been since its first organization in 2006 the ideal place for the exchange of scientific and technical information, ...

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18 March 2022

Finalization of first project phase “Technology requirements consolidation” December 2022

The first phase of the Safe4Rail-3 project ended in December 2021 with the requirements consolidation for Next Generation of Train Control and Monitoring System (NG-TCMS) ...

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8 March 2022

Rail Live 2021 - Presentation

Rail Live is a Rail conference focuses on the transformation era that Rail is currently experiencing, from digital innovation to net zero targets and liberalisation ...

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8 March 2022

Presentation TSN/A Conference

TSN/A conference is a yearly conference dedicated to the exchange of ideas among main stakeholders on the Time Sensitive Network Technology and Application. In 2021 the conference ...

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