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    Advanced safety architecture and components for next generation TCMS in Railways
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    Improving the Train Control and Monitoring System
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    Wireless communication is also possible


Transport of people and goods is a fundamental need for the global society and economy as it allows citizens to enjoy the freedom to travel and enables transportation of goods within and across international markets. In this context, transport is one of the fundamental pillars for the European society and economy allowing Europe to provide connectivity between its different regions and remain fully and competitively integrated with the rest of the world and the world economy. Transportation is a key infrastructure for European citizens not only to improve their every day’s quality of life, but also to enable economic growth, job creation and overall prosperity. The European railway industry evaluated how other transportation industries have addressed the development of new technologies and which architectural concepts have been applied. This led to a revaluation for the rail industry providing significant and fast progress in safety, security and in the integration of new functions.




On June 22, 2022, the Safe4RAIL-3 Consortium, together with members of CONNECTA-3, met for the second Safety and Cybersecurity Workshop in Brussels, Belgium, at the UNIFE premises. This time, the workshop could be held as a traditional face-to-face event, with only a few participants attending virtually. The day was used to further flesh out the topics for the safety and cybersecurity studies ...

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Taiwan Smart Rail Communication Government Industry Institute Forum March 9th, 2022

The Taiwan Smart Rail Communication Government-Industry-Institute Forum took place on March 9th, 2022. Over 200 participants representing Taiwan’s railway government bureaus, associations, system integrators, research institutes, and manufacturers attended the event to share their latest developments and progress. Rail transportation is one of the key development areas promoted in ...

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Wireless Train Backbone (WLTB) Communications: simulation of antenna propagation between two vehicles

One of the objectives of Safe4RAIL-3 Work Package 2 is to simulate the wireless propagation between two vehicles of a train, in order to replace the currently-wired train data backbone by a Wireless Train Backbone (WLTB), using antennas located on the roof of the vehicles. In this context, it is important to study the effect of the different elements located on the roof as well as the surrounding ...

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